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Peter Stern

Peter Stern

I started my time in the Motor trade in 1976 taking a 3 year full time course, Diploma in Automobile Engineering at Waltham Forest College, Walthamstow East London, (probably best known for the Walthamstow Dog Racing Stadium and various infamous night clubs that are now all just a distant memory). 

So if my memory serves me well and if I am not mistaken!  I now have 41 years plus experience in the motor trade (a real glutton for punishment). Hopefully the best years are yet to come! 

I have been Trading Motor caravans here in North Devon the last 12 years. Previous 5 years plus of invaluable and interesting experience was trading Campervans from the famous Market Road, Down Town Kings Cross region of North London, mainly to overseas visitors wanting to tour Europe, mostly with inexpensive budget vehicles, many being the iconic VW Combi Van ( not quite the budget vehicle anymore!)  

About me…Well the best description would probably be extremely easy going, open and honest, wear my heart on my sleeve! 

International Status (United Nations) 

Born in 1958 Paris France, Hungarian Origin, Australian Citizenship, and a good honest Cockney Boy……Well it’s a long story! 

Now living in beautiful sunny North Devon. 

My Hobbies are Fishing and Fishing.

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